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24 Oct

Bespoke Handbags | Laudi Vidni

Fall is one of the greatest calls for a new handbag, letting us dive into various rough textures, leathers and deeper colours. Which leather would you choose, which colour would you go for? Black? Grey? Soft skin or maybe snakeskin? This time we will discuss about designing your own dream handbag by Laudi Vidni with a wide freedom to interpret and choose.

Founded by two friends and fellow colleagues at Harvard Business School in 2009, Laudi Vidni was born out from a love and passion to create handbags and fullfill all of our demanding women styling needs. Launching a bespoke handbags company with a wide selection of designs, leathers and garments with beautiful detailing, Laudi Vidni looks and is one of the greatest solutions hen you can’t find what you’re looking for on the high street. Their suggested collection starts from the pretty little leather goods to beautiful work and travel bags.

With Laudi Vidni, it is that dreamtime to dive into the world of ‘what-your-heart-wants-what-your-heart-needs’ and design your trusty most favourite go to handbag. You can start with choosing your favourite type of leather and not too far away you’ll fine the finest selection of good quality leathers including the luxurious exotic ones too. You will then proceed to select your lining choice and hardwares.

Get inspired by how The Simone Magazine customised this Brio Bucket Bag in the Embossed Snake Skin in black. Isn’t it the most chic winter handbag? Discover Laudi Vidni and customise your own handbag at: www.laudividni.com

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