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13 Mar

3 Stylish Holiday Outfits | Chicuel

We know you must all be missing that holiday heat and are probably planning some cheeky sunny getaway. We will tick some of your planning duties away by suggesting 3 essential and stylish holiday outfits with Chicuel.

Each season Chicuel mesmerises us with their sophisticated and stylish resortwear. Every garment is fulfilled with impeccable quality and tailoring focusing on the comfort and practicality of your holiday wear. With these three looks, your vacay will be eased into some effortless daily planning what to wear. From day to night, Chicuel has you covered.

Early morning strolls – Oversized linen shirt and shorts

If you are a morning person, and trust me, you will be if chosen destination such as Maldives, a shirt and shorts combination will be your friend. Linen has got some essential qualities for hot holidays by covering your skin from unnecessary overexposure to sun and extremely breathable material. Chicuel has the highest quality Greek linen available and dips you in an early morning glory with their soft blue linen shirt. Another inevitable and thoughtful addition to this look is a pair of stripe cotton shorts that will serve you with multiple holiday looks.

Linen blouse and satin trousers

This look is particularly targeted to pants lovers and will serve great for a late afternoon rest from the sun. Here is other Chicuel’s masterpiece for an effortless and powerful look – another oversized linen blouse with short but puffy sleeves in a trendy brown shade. To smarten the look, we paired it with a beautiful aztec print trousers in deep blue.

Lightweight evening dress

Forget black and white when on holidays. Breezy evenings are for white and brown combinations just like this stunning and silky Chicuel cover up dress. The brand is representing its origins with some artsy prints that powers up the whole game of this dress. To tailor your waist even more – add a stylish leather waist belt for a romantic champagne and seafood dinner. Strappy sandals is another investment to think about into your shoe wardrobe this season however any kind of sandals or slip ons will go here.

Shop Chicuel here: www.chicuel.com

Edited by Simone Stabinskaite

Photography and videography by Gus Snarskis

Simone Simona Stabinskaite
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