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20 Jun

Futuristic Handbags by Noiranca

2022 means looking into fashion trends from a different millennial eye and being open to fashion forward brands such as a newly emerged Noiranca. For those who love accessorising, it will be particularly exciting to discover this futuristic handbags brand with a modern-twisted designs and a foot in sustainability. Noiranca, the vegan leather handbags brand strives for creating exceptional, artisanal vegan accessories with a strong sense of eco-consciousness. Their newly launched Cyberfemme collection strongly focuses on women empowerment, diversity and strength. It employs environmentally friendly craftsmanship onto vegan leather futuristic designs that create perfect harmony between luxury and wearability. The brand visualises its unique silhouettes inspired by stories of famous women such as Frida Kahlo and Althea Gibson. Cyberfemme collection particularly connects...
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